The Smell of Spring

by Secret Grief

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This album was written over 4 days at a house on Gun Lake, MI in early March of 2017. It was recorded in those 4 days as well as 1 day in late April due to a power outage during the original recording session. It is the second release in a four part series of EPs that roughly correspond with the seasons.


released May 26, 2017

Secret Grief is Scott Nelson and Kameron Chauvez.
All songs and words written by Scott Nelson.
All songs arranged and performed by Secret Grief and Tyler Floyd.
All songs produced by Scott Nelson and Tyler Floyd.
All songs engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Floyd.



all rights reserved


Secret Grief Michigan

Polymorphic/experimental/emotional/ambient/orchestral/electronic/indie/rock band

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Track Name: Opening Credits
I’ve got a certain reputation
and I’m aware of what people think
But I don’t wanna be known for my past
That doesn’t even seem like me
You said that I need to change
That I’m not doing enough
If I can’t help myself then why should anyone else
I need to stop placing the blame
I know most of this is my fault
But I thought it was what most people wanted
If you only liked me cause I shared all my pain
Then you’re probably not on board for change
I’m sorry but I’m doing what is best for me
Take it or leave it all of my art’s free
So here’s the thing
I’m signing off from writing
songs about my dumb problems for you
to voyeuristically enjoy my pain
I don’t want to be this shallow anymore
This is the end of the Scott J Nelson you’ve known but doesn’t exist anymore
I’m not fine; I’m not fine. I think about all my past songs and wonder what people liked?
On mutual attraction opposite direction I thought I was filled with good intentions but it was self inflected pain.
I wrote some songs with Josh and Danny. Tried to be clever but looked like an asshole.
Then there’s my most popular song that no one has realized what it’s actually about.
So I’m signing off from these things
Track Name: Interpretations of Reality
Cast your doubts and question what you believe
Who was the person who shaped the way you think?
Are you imprisoned by your community?
Take a step backwards to see how things came to be
Don't you know
You can escape if you simply choose to let go

Good intentions are shackled by our mores
But ten years down the line everything's bound to change
Moralistic high ground that turns to groupthink
Lacks a cultural relativistic footing
Don’t you know
It’s better if you evaluate things on your own

I find a certain beauty lies deep within the mind
Of a person living their own life
Track Name: The Smell of Spring
I tore these hooks out of my back
But I still feel them pulling me towards something that I lack
I told myself that I’d stop living in the past
But it seems my resiliency never seems to last
I thought I had all of this under control
I thought I finally knew how to let things go
My mind certainly likes to hold onto memories
And hide them away ’til it knows that I am weak enough to succumb to its treachery
Does moving forward mean letting go of a former self?
Or can I just filter out the parts that work against my health?
Cause I’d like to keep certain things.

Who I am is who I’ll be
Who I was is not forgot
But I won’t let it define me
I still have my memories
Of the time and places that I’ve been
But they won’t control me

I miss the smell of spring, rain on the pavement, and new beginnings