Loose Ends

by Secret Grief

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These are a collection of songs that span the last couple of years. Instead of just letting them sit around until civilization inevitably comes to an end, we've decided to share them with the world.

"Department of Unnatural History" was originally planned to be on a split 7" with the band The Most Dangerous Animal. We dragged our feet on this for a while and ended up backing out for no real good reason. They released their side as a cassette called "Money/Time". This track was recorded during the same session that we recorded our cover of "Jet Black" for the Jawbreaker compilation we were a part of.

"Nameless/Faceless/Thoughtless/Brainless" was supposed to be a track on The Sea of Trees. It was recorded during all of the same sessions that were split between Chicago, IL & Holland, MI. We ran into time constraints for the LP version and were deciding whether to cut this song or "Montauk". I don't know why "Montauk" was ever on the table because that has ended up being one of our favorite songs released. Listening back now, this song does seem a little out of place compared to the other songs on The Sea of Tress so I'm glad we cut it. BUT, also listening back now, I like this song a lot more than I ever had in the past.

"My Birthday in Lansing v2" is obviously a full band rerecording of a song that previously was just me and a guitar. Kameron and I had been throwing around the idea of doing a full band version of this and finally figured out an arrangement that we liked. His acquisition of a Roland SPD-SX and my headfirst dive into synthesizers seemed to come at the right time. Tyler joining the band and being able to record this also was nice.

-Scott // SG


released August 1, 2016

All music and words written by Scott Nelson
All songs arranged and performed by Secret Grief
Secret Grief is Scott Nelson & Kameron Chauvez
Additional Instrumentation provided by: Shawn McMann (Tracks 1 & 2), Corey M. Bickford (Track 2), Derek Gramza (Track 2), Jake Kalmink (Track 2), Tyler Floyd (Track 3), Nick LaForge (Track 3)
Track 1 engineered and mixed by Mohnish Das
Track 2 engineered and mixed by Mark Michalik. Additional engineering by Jake Kalmink
Track 3 engineered and mixed by Tyler Floyd
All tracks mastered by Adam Cichocki
All tracks produced by Scott Nelson and Secret Grief



all rights reserved


Secret Grief Michigan

Polymorphic/experimental/emotional/ambient/orchestral/electronic/indie/rock band

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Track Name: Department of Unnatural History
I'd like to stare into the sun long enough to burn my eyes off
What good is sight when darkness is what I need?
And if that day may finally come, I'll sit and laugh like nothing's wrong
Cause pains only as bad as you choose to believe

If not for progress, we would all still be up in trees
Sometimes we need to change in order to finally be free

I question the way that I stand, and what it means to be human
I don't want to settle or accept my condition
So now I'll try anything to allow me to begin anew
I don't think I am the person who I want to be

If not for progress, we would all still be up in trees
Sometimes we need to change in order to finally be free

I am chained down to earth by my own insecurities
Track Name: Nameless/Faceless/Thoughtless/Brainless
I've come to terms that whatever I try to say
Will be obscured and end up analyzed incorrectly
You don't believe me, but I hope that maybe you'll see
That you can't control how you are perceived

Underneath the overarching description there's a message that gets lost upon the act of transcription

It always seems that good intentions go awry
When forced to be carried out by people who barely see
Beyond the surface of things
The truth is usually discouraging

What's there left to discuss?
I've tried to make it clear
That all this conversation's a waste of my breath
It's just torture to someone like me

And if not today I doubt I'll find someone to change
My thoughts on the matter of living without a clear purpose or even reason
But it seems so lame to need that sort of validation
Maybe I'm alright with my understanding that extrinsic value means nothing
Track Name: My Birthday in Lansing v2
Who I am is not who you think
Cause I'm too scared to show the real me
I'm too scared to prove anything
I'm too scared that you won't believe
For the longest time that I'll I've had
Were these moments between us just as friends
Little moments that I'd hope never end
Even though I knew that it couldn't me

And I've been talking about moving out west
And how Seattle is the city I like best
It's something there that's not like the rest
But I'm still stuck here in the midwest
Telling girls like you that I don't
Like them that much in hopes
That they won't be in on this joke
Cause in my mind I know

That I secretly hope that you already know how I must feel
And yeah we're apart, but I've still got my heart and it beats your name
And yeah I could leave you, but I won't deceive you 'till i am gone
And I might run away, but my feelings won't change
I just can't accept my heart's ineptitude for you